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See the world from the ground in Google Earth

Ground-level view provides an intuitive view of the world from the ground. There are two ways to enter this view:

  1. Zoom in as much as possible on a particular location in Google Earth.
  2. Zoom into an area until you see you a pegman icon appear below the navigation controls on the right. Click and drag the icon to the area of interest, and select the building icon that appears in the top right of the 3D viewer.

Make sure the terrain and 3D Buildings layers are on for an enriched experience. Applicable layers that are selected in the left panel under Layers are also visible. Learn more about layers.

To control your view, you can do any of the following:

  • Double click an area of the image with your mouse.
  • Drag the imagery to the right or left with your mouse. In some locations, you can drag the imagery down to look skyward.
  • Use the keyboard arrows.
  • Use the scroll wheel of your mouse.


The widget at the top right allows you to easily toggle between Street View and ground-level view:


To exit this mode, select the Exit ground-level view button.