Street View in Google Earth

In certain locations, you can view and navigate street-level imagery in almost the same way that you can in Google Maps.

Watch the video (English only) below or read the instructions to learn how.

Watch the video

Read the instructions

Street View in Google Earth 6.0++

To view street-level imagery for a specific location, zoom into an area at an altitude of approximately 500km. You will see a pegman icon appear at the top right below the navigation controls. Click and drag the icon across the 3D viewer. A blue border will appear around roads that have street-level imagery available.

Drop the on a road with the blue border and you will enter Street View. While in Street View, all applicable layers that are selected in the left panel under Layers are also visible. Learn more about layers.

You can navigate and rotate your view while in Street View mode by doing any of the following:

  • Double click an area of the image with your mouse.
  • Drag the imagery to the right or left with your mouse. In some locations, you can drag the imagery down to look skyward.
  • Use the keyboard arrows.
  • Use the scroll wheel of your mouse.

To exit Street View, select the Exit Street View button located at the top right.

If Street View is not available in a particular location, you will automatically enter the ground-level view.