Printing and saving maps

This feature is available to Google Earth Pro and Google Earth EC customers only.

If you're a licensed user of Google Earth Pro, you can create, save, and print beautiful, communicative maps that have common cartographic elements such as legends, scales, and annotations that highlight your map information on the satellite imagery. If you make changes to your map (like changing the perspective), you can reprint the map without recreating elements or rewriting your annotations.

You can even use Earth Pro imagery and data for marketing purposes—as long as the images contain copyright and source information, the data isn't sold to anyone, and the images aren't used in on-air media without obtaining special approval. For details, see the Google Geo Permissions Guidelines.

The instructions below explain how to print your map or save it as a .pdf file. To learn how to save your map as a .jpg image, see Saving images.

To print or save maps:

  1. Set up your map for printing.

    For example, zoom and pan to the view you want to print. In the Layers panel, select the layers to print. In the Places panel, select the items you want your printed map to display. Make sure to deselect anything you don't want to print.

  2. Click the Print button in the toolbar to display the Print Settings toolbar below it.

    Google Earth Pro print settings toolbar
  3. Adjust the print settings and print your map or save it as a .pdf file. The settings are described in the table below.

Print Setting Description
Map Options: Elements
  • Title & Description. Displays the map title and description you enter. Both the title and description increase in height as you add text. To edit, click the element on the map and enter your text.

  • Legend. Displays the legend for map features like placemarks, cities, and points of interest. The legend increases in height as you add items. To edit, click the element on the map, then click Refresh from View, which appears at the bottom of the Legend element. Then deselect any items in the Legend list that you don't want to display. To rename an item, double-click it, then enter the new name.

  • Scale. Displays a scale legend on your map.

  • Compass. Displays a compass on your map.

  • HTML Area. Brings up an editable HTML template that you can use to display images or text. For example. you can display a logo image or custom map title. To display an external page, place an iframe inside the template.

  • Scaling. Changes the size of the map elements. Element sizes are determined by their pixel dimensions, which are either fixed or increase as you add content to the element. You can't resize elements individually, but you can use scaling to change the size of all your elements at the same time by the same percentage.

Map Options: Styling

Select one of the styling choices. From left to right, the choices are:

  • Full Color
  • Desaturated
  • Grayscale
KML is easier to see on desaturated or grayscale imagery.
Map Options: Map Configuration
  • Save. Save your map as a .geprint file. This is useful for saving map settings to share with others, or for saving your work in progress.
  • Load. Select a saved map to load for editing or printing.
Page Setup

Brings up your computer's Page Setup options.

Adjusting the Paper Size resizes the Print Overlay, which masks out the area of the screen that won’t be included in your printed map. If needed, your map elements automatically move inside the printable area when you adjust the paper size. Printing your map (or saving it as a .pdf) prints the area that is not masked by the Print Overlay.

More Options

Google Earth Pro print settings > More Options button

  • Selected Folder or Placemark in My Places. Prints the folder or placemark information and images in a spreadsheet on additional pages, separate from the map.

    For example, you might have a folder that contains placemarks for every hole on a golf course. Printing the folder prints a list of the placemarks, with a small map and description next to each placemark.

    To select the item, click the item in the My Places list. The selected item is highlighted. If you want to print multiple placemarks, move them all to a single folder, then select that folder.

    Note: You cannot select multiple folders or placemarks—checkmarks next to items mean only that they're visible on the map.

  • Print Quality. Choose Low, Medium, or High. The default is High.

    Note: When printing images, Google Earth Pro automatically stitches together images that are a different resolution than the images displayed on the screen. Depending on the resolution you select, your printed image might look slightly different from your screen image. 


Brings up your computer's Print options.

Save PDF... Brings up your computer's Save options so that you can save your map as a .pdf file.