How to send feedback

You can report issues you're experiencing with the app or send feedback about Duo through a form in the app.

Send feedback about a call

When you finish a call, you can rate the call as good or bad by tapping either button. 

If you rate a call as "bad," please let us know what the problem was. For a call where you've rated it as "bad", the diagnostic information for both participants will automatically be sent to Google so we can understand the issue better. The information won't include the call's content. 

Send feedback about Duo or an issue in the app

Follow the steps below to tell us what issue you're having or send comments.

  1. Open Duo.
  2. In the top right corner, tap More More.
  3. Tap Feedback.
  4. Type your comment or describe the problem that you're having.
    • System data and screenshot: You can include a screenshot and your user log to help us understand the issue.
  5. Tap Send Send.

Need more help?

If you need more help, you can ask questions in the Duo Help Forum.

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