Learn about Google Duo

You can use Google Duo to make video calls to your family, friends, and anyone else. Your calls are encrypted, which means they're private to you and the person you're calling.

Set up Google Duo

Google Duo is available to anyone at no charge. Before you set up and use Google Duo you need:

  • A phone number
  • Access to a phone that can receive SMS messages

To use Duo across multiple devices and platforms, you need a Google Account.

Tip: If you use Family Link, your child can also use Google Duo with their Google Account. To protect your child's privacy, child accounts can receive calls and messages only from people in their contacts. Learn more about Family Link.

Make video calls to your contacts

You can make video calls to all your friends with Duo, even if you don't have the same device as they do.

Get great video and audio quality

To make sure you're looking and sounding your best for a video call:

  • Check your lighting. If you're in low lighting, Duo will adjust the brightness of your video. If you want to turn the setting off in a call, tap the screen and turn off Low Light mode . Or, you can turn it off in Settings.
    Important: This feature isn't compatible with all Android devices and may not be available on your device.
  • You can switch camera views to show yourself or what you're looking at in front of you. If the camera points to your face, hold your device at eye level to help others see your face.
  • Make sure nothing (ex: your finger) is blocking your device's camera or microphone.
  • Connect to Wi-Fi before calling. Using Wi-Fi will save your data usage and also could be a better video connection. If you can't, turn on your data.

  • Keep yourself centered on Duo video calls using Auto-framing. To turn the setting on in a call, tap the screen and turn on Auto-framing mode. Or, you can turn it on/off in Settings.

  • To stand out from your background, use Portrait mode to blur your background. To turn the setting on in a call, tap the screen and turn on Portrait mode.

    • Important: Auto-framing and Portrait mode are currently only available on select Pixel and Samsung devices.

  • If your web browser is Google Chrome M86+ or Microsoft Edge v79+, tap Show narrow video or Show wide video to change your video from landscape to portrait.

See a video preview with Knock Knock

When you call a contact using Duo, the other person can see live video of you while the device rings if they have you as a contact. You won't be able to see the person you're calling until they answer.

You can also turn Knock Knock off.

Move your picture during a video call

When you make a Duo call, your face shows up in a small rectangle on the screen. To move it, touch and hold the rectangle, then swipe your finger across the screen to another corner. To show your face on the entire screen, tap your picture.

Use less data

If you can't connect to a Wi-Fi network, Duo automatically lowers your connection to 1Mbps. If you have plenty of data on your mobile plan and don't want to limit the quality, you can turn off Limit mobile data usage in Settings.

Block numbers

For unwanted calls, you can also block a phone number from calling you.

Related resources

If you're having problems with your video call, try fixing your call quality.

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