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Get started with Google Duo on Samsung devices

Important: Features in this article are only available on the Samsung S21 series and up. 

Google Duo Duo enhances the video calls on Samsung S21 phones and up with exclusive features.

The app is:

  • Preloaded on select Samsung devices
  • The default video calling app on Samsung S21 devices

Answer a video or voice call

You can swipe up, down or from side to side to answer Google Duo Duo calls on your Samsung device.

Turn on auto-framing for calls

Auto-framing for Google Duo Duo calls makes it easier for you to be centred on 1:1 or group calls on your Samsung device. Auto-framing identifies faces in view during calls. Zoom levels are adjusted and faces are centred automatically.

Auto-framing is off by default. To turn on auto-framing:

  1. Place or answer a Google Duo Duo call on your Samsung device.
  2. During the call, at the bottom right, tap More options More and then Auto-framing.

Cast your video call to a large screen

You can cast your Google Duo Duo calls to large screens, like TVs, from your Samsung device. 

  1. Place or answer a Google Duo Duo call on your Samsung device.
  2. During the call, at the bottom right, tap More options More.
  3. Tap Smart view.
  4. Select the device that you want to cast to.
  5. To stop casting, tap Smart view again.

Tip: Video is mirrored from your phone to your TV. Your phone plays the audio.

Join a group call from a second device

You can switch between Google Duo Duo on your Galaxy smartphone and Galaxy tablet to use different screen sizes and multitask.

  1. Make sure that your Galaxy smartphone and Galaxy tablet are signed in to the same Google Account.
  2. Start or join a call on Google Duo Duo.
  3. Swipe down on the screen to open the notification panel.
  4. Tap Transfer.

Tip: You can transfer the call back to the original device if you follow the same steps. The original device that you used to answer the group call remains logged in to the call unless you hang up the original device.

Use improved screen sharing

When you use your Samsung device to share your screen on a Google Duo call, your shared screen has improved audio and video quality. The personal or YouTube videos that you share on Google Duo:

  • Include their original sounds during playback
  • Use high-definition (HD) for enhanced video clarity

Share your screen on Samsung S21 devices

Important: You won't be on camera while you share your screen. You can only share your screen on one-to-one calls.

  1. Open Google Duo Duo.
  2. Start a video call.
  3. At the bottom, tap More options More and then Screen share Screen share and then Start now.
    • The other caller can accept or cancel your request to share your screen.
  4. To end your screen share, tap Screen share Screen share.

Share your screen on Samsung S22 and S8 devices via live sharing

On Samsung S22 and S8 devices, you can:

  • Select and open apps.
  • Use screen-sharing controls.

Learn more about live sharing.

Use exclusive Family Mode features

Google Duo’s Family Mode provides a better call experience when young kids are in a Google Duo call. Family Mode hides in-call controls to prevent children from accidentally hanging up or muting the call.

When you draw on a canvas during your Google Duo call on your Samsung device, the receiver sees what you’re drawing. Other exclusive features are:

  • Brush selector
  • Colour selector with more colours
  • More frequent frame updates

Turn on Family Mode

  1. Start or receive a Google Duo Duo video call.
  2. At the bottom, tap Menu Menu and then Family.
    • To use effects to do things such as replacing your face with a picture of a flower, tap Effects.
    • To draw pictures, tap Doodle.
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