About AdWords adaptive remarketing targets

Auto-generate remarketing targets

A remarketing list, when applied to a campaign or ad group, becomes a remarketing target that you can set a bid adjustment on to reach potential customers.

Remarketing targets, created in Double Click Search, allow you to display ads from your search campaigns to customers as they search the web, reminding the potential customers about your product or to return to your site.  

Create remarketing targets automatically

DoubleClick Search can automatically create (or adapt) remarketing targets for you and set the bid adjustments if you have applied a conversion goal or bid strategy to a campaign. DoubleClick Search continuously looks for potential remarketing targets and assesses auto-generated remarketing targets that will help achieve the goal.

DoubleClick Search can create campaign or ad group - level remarketing targets in the following types of AdWords campaigns:

  • Manual campaigns
  • Shopping campaigns
  • Mobile app install campaigns

Note that within a campaign, remarketing lists can only be applied at the campaign level or the ad group level, but not both. When DS autogenerates a remarketing target, it will be created at the same level as any existing remarketing targets. That is, if a campaign includes campaign-level remarketing targets, DS will only create other campaign-level remarketing targets. If a campaign includes ad group-level remarketing targets, DS will only create other ad group-level remarketing targets.

If a campaign doesn't contain any remarketing targets, DS will autogenerate remarketing targets at the ad group level.

DoubleClick Search can auto-generate remarketing targets only if remarketing lists have been created in AdWords and then synced into DS.  The adaptive feature doesn't auto-generate remarketing lists.

How DS creates remarketing targets 

DS evaluates and re-evaluates your remarketing lists using several factors including the conversions with the highest bid adjustment and whether there's a significant difference between the remarketing list's conversions and the campaign's or ad group's conversions.  DS then applies the remarketing list to a campaign or ad group, and sets or recommends a bid adjustment.

DS removes an auto-generated remarketing target if there is no longer a significant difference between the remarketing target's conversions and the campaign's or ad group's conversions.


Overview of how to turn on adaptive remarketing targets

Here's an overview of the steps required to allow DS to autogenerate remarketing targets. 

  1. Create remarketing lists in AdWords.

  2. Sync the remarketing lists into DS.
    If you've scheduled engine changes to sync on a regular basis, make sure to wait until the next sync occurs. You'll only see your AdWords remarketing lists after they've been synced into DS.

  3. Set a goal for the campaign.  

    A campaign's goal can be derived from a campaign's conversion goal or a Smart Bidding strategy (a bid strategy with a conversions or revenue goal) when applied at the campaign level. DS uses the goal's conversions and performance history to auto-generate remarketing targets.

    If you want DS to use a bid strategy's goal to auto-generate remarketing targets, the bid strategy must be applied at the campaign level and not at the ad group level. 
  4. Optional, but recommended step. In campaign settings, select the Remarketing target bid adjustments check box to let DS set the bid adjustments. When adaptive remarketing targets are combined with automatic remarketing target bid adjustments, DoubleClick Search maximizes your return on investment.

    A conversion goal or DS bid strategy's goal is used to continuously (approximately every six hours) evaluate and reset ad group-level remarketing target bid adjustments. For campaign-level remarketing targets, DS sets an initial remarketing target bid adjustment, but doesn't reevaluate or reset the bid adjustment. If you want DS to continuously evaluate remarketing target bid adjustments, create ad group-level remarketing targets.
    Note that if a campaign doesn't already include remarketing targets, DS creates ad group-level remarketing targets by default.
  5. Turn on adaptive remarketing in a campaign and ad group:

    1. In the campaign's settings, select the Remarketing targets  and Use bid adjustment only check boxes. 

    2. In the ad group's settings, select the Use bid adjustment only check box.

    To allow DS to auto-generate remarketing targets, the Use bid adjustment option must be selected in the campaign and in the ad groups because the setting isn't inherited by ad groups. DS will won't evaluate members-only remarketing targets. 
  6. Optional. Receive an email approximately twice a day that includes the number of remarketing targets created or removed. The email includes a link to the change history report that lists the actual names of the remarketing targets that have been changed. 


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