Grant read-only access to your AdWords accounts

About sharing AdWords data with Google representatives

Google sales and support representatives are automatically granted read-only access to your AdWords-related data in DoubleClick Search so they can provide tips and advice on analyzing the data and improving the configuration of your AdWords accounts. This access includes data that is associated with your AdWords accounts, such as Google Analytics conversions and third-party data.

Access is granted only to Google representatives who help manage the AdWords accounts that are linked to your DoubleClick Search advertiser, as well as to your DoubleClick sales and support representatives. 

You can remove access from Google representatives at any time. This will not affect your DoubleClick sales and support representatives, who will still have access to help you manage your DoubleClick Search account.

Why allow Google representatives read-only access to your AdWords data

If you allow Google sales and support representatives to access your conversions data, they can analyze the performance of your AdWords campaigns in DoubleClick Search and work with you to develop longer-term search strategies that are relevant to your business.

For example, a sales or support representative can analyze the performance of your Floodlight conversions over the last quarter and offer better options for managing your AdWords campaigns.

With read-only access, Google sales and support representatives can:

  • Access and download reports about your AdWords spend
  • View your AdWords, Floodlight, and Google Analytics conversion data
  • Check your attribution models
  • View your DoubleClick Search business data
  • Run your web queries (They can't create new web queries.)
  • View DoubleClick Search bid strategies 
  • View third-party data that is collected in your account, such as conversions and attribution data you upload, or metrics from conversion-tracking systems you've integrated with your DS advertiser.


Google representatives can access DS bid strategy metrics

Google sales and support representatives who have been granted access can view the following information in DS bid strategies:

  • List of all DS bid strategies and data exclusion events. A bid strategy report (the list of all bid strategies) includes aggregated metrics for all items from any type of account that is included in the bid strategy.
  • AdWords metrics in individual bid strategies. That is, representatives can't access metrics for other supported engine accounts that are included in a DS bid strategy. Even though a DS bid strategy is applied to items in other engine accounts, Google sales and support representatives can view only the AdWords data in an individual bid strategy. 
  • All AdWords campaigns, ad groups, keywords, product targets, product groups, and location and remarketing targets included in a DS bid strategy.

Google representatives can't access Bid strategy opportunities or forecasts.

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