Add and manage inventory rules in a manual campaign

Apply inventory rules at the keyword level

By default, inventory rules in manual campaigns apply to all keywords in an ad group. You can override this behavior and apply an inventory rule to specific keywords in an ad group.

For example:

  1. An ad group contains keywords for advertising blenders. Some of these keywords are generic while others are for specific colors. For example: red blender or stainless steel blender.

  2. You want to automatically pause bids on the color-specific keywords if you run out of a particular color, but you want to continue bidding on the generic keywords because you know you'll have other colors in stock.

  3. You set up an inventory rule at the keyword level. The rule pauses keywords when products aren't available. Then you apply the rule to the color-specific keywords in the ad group.

To accomplish the above setup, follow these steps:
  1. Inventory rules tab:

    1. Create an inventory rule that pauses keywords when inventory is no longer available. For example:
    2. Click the download icon Download icon. In the Include types section, make sure Inventory rules is selected.
    3. Open the downloaded bulksheet and find the rule you created.
    4. Enter On in the Inventory rule keyword level override column.
    5. Upload the bulksheet back into DS.
  2. Keywords tab:

    1. Navigate to the ad group and click the Keywords tab.
    2. Click the download icon Download icon. In the Include types section, select Inventory rules and Keywords.
    3. Open the bulksheet, find a color-specific keyword, and in the keyword's Inventory rule product map column, enter criteria that matches the products the keyword advertises.
      From the example above, for the red blender keyword, enter:
    4. Upload the bulksheet back into DS.
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