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Welcome to the help center for DoubleClick Search, a platform for managing search marketing campaigns.  While the help center is available to the public, access to the DoubleClick Search product is available only to subscribing customers who are signed in. To subscribe or find out more, contact our sales team.

Manage Floodlight instructions

About Floodlight instructions

A Floodlight instruction allows you to manage the way data from a given Floodlight activity is reported on in DoubleClick Search without changing the actual activity.

Floodlight instructions are not applied to DoubleClick Campaign Manager (DCM). You'll only see the results of a Flooodlight instruction in DS reports.

See an example Floodlight instruction

Let’s look at an example of the benefits of using a Currency Conversion instruction.

You have a United States account that mostly leads to sales in the US, but will occasionally result in sales on the Canadian website. There are two Floodlight activities reporting revenue: one for the US website and one for the Canadian website. For the given timeframe:

  • US website leads to sales of $2,000,000 USD.
  • Canadian website leads to sales of C$10,000 CAD.

If the DCM account that contains the Floodlight activities specifies USD as its currency, then DS assumes that the revenue being reported from the Floodlight activities is in USD. To convert the Canadian sales to USD, you add a DoubleClick Search Floodlight instruction to the Floodlight activity for the Canadian website. The instruction has a source currency of CAD and a new currency of USD. As a result, DoubleClick Search will calculate the total sales as follows:

  • DoubleClick Search correctly converts the C$10,000. If the C$10,000 is converted to $9,600 USD, the correct total sales will be $2,009,600 USD. This is the value that will appear in DoubleClick Search reporting.

In DCM, Paid Search reports simply contain the raw numeric values from Floodlight transaction tags and do not assign or convert the value into a specific currency. In addition, DS Floodlight instructions are not applied to data in DCM. So a Paid Search report in DCM will calculate the sales as follows:

  • DCM adds 2,000,000 and 10,000 for a total of $2,010,000. In other words, the C$10,000 is not converted to USD before the amounts are added together. This is the value that will appear in DCM Report Builder.

Types of Floodlight instructions

The following table describes the available instruction types.

Floodlight instruction type Description
Inclusion status Include or exclude Floodlight activities from DoubleClick Search reporting data. This is useful if you value Floodlight activities differently on DCM and DoubleClick Search. Note that if you want to include only specific Floodlight activities, you must also set up an instruction to exclude all Floodlight activities.

For example, an auto company has several hundred Floodlight activities on DCM, but you may only be interested in reporting on Request a quote for DoubleClick Search. You need to set up a Floodlight instruction to exclude all Floodlight activities, and another to include the Request a quote Floodlight activity. DCM will continue to report on all Floodlight activities for the advertiser, but DoubleClick Search will only report on the Request a quote Floodlight activity.
Toggle Switch a transaction Floodlight activity to an action activity, or an action Floodlight activity to a transaction activity. This is useful to customers who need tag breakout by columns and calculated columns.
Conversion ID source This is a product-level reporting instruction. It tells DS which variable to use based on your setting in the Standard Variables section of this DCM Help Center article. You can select from ORD, TRAN, or AUTO. For example, ORD is the order ID; this is useful for reconciling transactions or checking stats against customer orders.
% revenue replacement Every time a customer makes a conversion through the website associated with the Floodlight activity, DoubleClick Search will report on the revenue as this percentage of revenue. For example, a travel agency may charge 5% of the cost of a trip that has been booked.
Amount revenue replacement Every time a customer makes a conversion through the website associated with the Floodlight activity, DoubleClick Search will report on the revenue as this fixed amount. For example, you may have credit card applications that are worth the same amount for each conversion.
Currency conversion Convert all data for a Floodlight activity from one currency to another. See the example above the table. Note that this only changes the currency in DoubleClick Search reporting, and not in DCM. Learn more about currencies in DoubleClick Search and DCM.
Weighted action Place more importance on certain actions by applying a priority, or weight, on them. Learn more.
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