DoubleClick Search overview

Redirect URL

A redirect URL sends a customer to a tracking service before forwarding the customer onto the advertiser's site. The DoubleClick Search clickserver URL is a redirect URL that can forward to the advertiser's site or to another redirect URL.

For example, here’s a simple landing page URL for a keyword:

Here's a landing page URL that directs a user's click to an additional tracking service before going to the advertiser's web site:

When a customer clicks an ad, DS forwards the customer to
which would usually record data about the click and then forward to

If you're using the same redirect URL for all keywords, ads, or sitelinks in an ad group, campaign, or engine account, you can simplify maintenance if you specify the redirect URL in a DS URL template. (In an AdWords account, all redirect URLs are required to be specified in a DS URL template.)

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