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Welcome to the help center for DoubleClick Search, a platform for managing search marketing campaigns.  While the help center is available to the public, access to the DoubleClick Search product is available only to subscribing customers who are signed in. To subscribe or find out more, contact our sales team.

About display remarketing from search

DoubleClick Search (DS), AdWords display campaigns, and DoubleClick Bid Manager can work together to target display ads to audiences who have clicked on your paid search ads. This display remarketing from search helps you re-engage customers who have expressed an interest in your product or service by showing them relevant display ads on the Google Display Network (GDN) or across ad exchanges via DoubleClick Bid Manager.

Here’s how it works:

  1. A user clicks a paid search ad and lands on your site.

  2. You can set up DS to add the user's cookie ID to a remarketing list and share the list with specific AdWords accounts and DoubleClick Bid Manager.

    Note that the cookie IDs in the list are random and non-identifiable, so they can't be used to track or share any personally identifiable information.

  3. As users who are in the remarketing list browse the internet, AdWords and DoubleClick Bid Manager can target relevant display ads to the users. Because the users in the remarketing list have shown interest by clicking on the paid search ad managed by DS, re-targeting them via display channels can lead to increased CTR and conversion rates.

    Alternatively, you can exclude users in the remarketing list from seeing your display ads.

In addition to increasing your click-through rate, display remarketing from search can be used to:

  • Convert browsers to buyers: For example, a user left a pair of shoes in his/her shopping cart, but did not check out. With display remarketing from search, show a display ad for his/her abandoned shoes a few hours later.

  • Retain and optimize existing customers/reinforce brand: For example, a user purchased Brand X lipstick after clicking on a search ad. With display remarketing from search, show her Brand X nail polish or other Brand X products.

  • Up-sell to converted users: For example, a user purchased tickets to an amusement park in Anaheim, CA. With display remarketing from search, show him/her hotel deals in Anaheim.

Benefits of DS display remarketing from search

Display remarketing from search helps you capture new opportunities at the right time thanks to DS’s native integration with the DoubleClick Digital Marketing (DDM) platform. DDM seamlessly integrates our search, demand-side platform, and core ad server—all tied to Floodlight, DoubleClick’s universal conversion tag. This integration offers:

  • Strong search signals: As paid search has proven to be a strong indicator of user intent, the ability to reach audiences who have identified their intentions via paid search clicks becomes a gateway to even more display opportunities.

  • Easy workflow: While remarketing is a powerful tool to enhance the impact of digital marketing, it can often be challenging to implement. DS’s display remarketing offering makes this easy:
    • Tagless. Setting up display remarketing from search ads is as simple as using intuitive filtering and labels in DS. There’s no need to use different tags per list, or tag every single page on which you wish to tag actions.
    • Leverage cross-engine signals. Reach interested users who have clicked on DS-managed search ads across Google and Bing and re-engage them via display channels to help increase CTR and conversion rate.
    • Integrated. You’ll be able to seamlessly use search insights from DS to display products that are part of the DDM platform.
  • Data you can trust: For remarketing, the integrity of the data is critical. DS’s integration with DDM enables you to get a holistic view of your customers, across your different interactions with them through different channels.

Ready to get started?

  1. View the best practices for setting up display remarketing in DS.
  2. Set up your remarketing list in DS:
    1. Label your relevant campaigns, keywords, or other items.

    2. Add the labels to a remarketing list.

    3. Select the display advertisers where you’ll want the remarketing list to be used.
      DS will share the list with the advertisers you select.

  3. In AdWords and DoubleClick Bid Manager:
    1. Use the remarketing lists to target or exclude advertising.

    2. Report on your remarketing lists.

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