See a history of bid strategy changes

Within Change History, you can gain insights into bid strategy changes with a summary of the bid rationale. Brought to you by the bid strategy team, this feature will let you know what target the change was intended to hit, how often bids are evaluated and, for keyword position strategies, details on why a change was made. You also receive guidance on how to improve bid strategy performance by discovering where settings like maximum keyword bid inhibit the bid changes.

Change History shows:

The exact goal DoubleClick Search (DS) is managing to at the time of bidding:

  • Is it a CPA, ERS, or Floodlight goal, or is it a Position goal for bid strategies with combined goals?
  • If it's a Position goal, what's the targeted range at that point in time? Within that range, what exact average position value are we targeting?
  • If it's a CPA or ERS goal, what's the targeted value at that point in time?
Known issue: We currently don't specify when we bid to a target spend goal (as part of the keyword position bid strategy). In these cases, the summary field may be confusing. This will be fixed in a future release.

How often and when the bids are evaluated:

You can see:

  • We're evaluating bids four times a day.
  • At what time the bids are evaluated and updated.

How user-specified controls/constraints impact bidding decisions:

  • When we can't update the bid due to min/max bid limits set for specific biddable items.
  • When the bid is edited by someone other than the bid strategy system, and therefore the bid strategies are placed in a 24-hour hold.

For Position bid strategies, the observed average position or impressions at the time of bidding:

For example:

  • Target pos: 1.5. Actual pos: 1.4
  • Actual pos is NA due to 0 impr

In future releases, we plan to add details about what is observed at time of bidding for other bid strategy types as well.

When events were added or removed from the bid strategy

You can see when the events were added or removed and the names of the events.


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