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Welcome to the help center for DoubleClick Search, a platform for managing search marketing campaigns.  While the help center is available to the public, access to the DoubleClick Search product is available only to subscribing customers who are signed in. To subscribe or find out more, contact our sales team.

See a history of DS bid strategy changes

DoubleClick Search (DS) provides a couple of ways to view the history of changes in a DS bid strategy:

  • If you want to focus on just seeing the changes to bids, you can download the bidding history for one or more biddable items. The bidding history shows each change made to a bid, when the change was made, and whether the bid was automatically changed by a bid strategy or manually changed by a DS user.
  • If you want to see a detailed history of bid strategy activity, including changes to bids and bid adjustments and whether the bid strategy is recommending bids, rationale behind any changes that the bid strategy makes, view the full change history in the user interface, in the change history report. 

Download the bidding history

Soon, you won't be able to download the bidding history. This option is being deprecated.
  1. Navigate to a bid strategy or a label that you've applied to the biddable items in a bid strategy. Then click the Keywords tab or Product groups tab.

  2. In the reporting table, select the check box next to the items whose bid history you want to see.
    You can select up to 30 items.

  3. Select a time range for the report that's 90 days or shorter.
    The bidding history will include changes during the specified range. If you select a range longer than 90 days, the downloaded file will only include the history for the last 90 days.

  4. Click the download icon Download icon in the toolbar above the reporting table.

  5. On the left side of the download panel, click Download bid history.

  6. Select the file format and click Download.
    If no bid changes occurred to a biddable item during the reports time range, the downloaded file will contain one row the biddable item, with the name followed by (no changes).

The columns in the downloaded history file (click here for an example) provide a snapshot of each bid change. They include:

Bid history column


Keyword max CPC

Product group max CPC

The new max CPC amount.

Min bid

Max bid

Only applies for bids set by the DS bid optimization system.

Bid status

Only applies for bids set by the DS bid optimization system.

  • Normal: DS was able to choose a bid without being constrained by the min bid or max bid.
  • Clamped by max bid: DS would have chosen a higher bid but was constrained by the max bid.
  • Clamped by min bid: DS would have chosen a lower bid but was constrained by the min bid.

Change source

Whether the bid change was a result of:

  • Optimization: A change from the bid strategy system.
  • Sync: A sync that a DS user initiated.
  • Bulksheet upload: An upload from a DS user.
  • Web interface: A change that a DS user made directly in the DS UI.


Contains one of the following:

  • System change : Indicates that a bid strategy made the change.
  • An email address: Provides the email address of the DS user who made the change.

Trafficking time

When the bid change was sent to the engine.

Bid optimization time

When the DS bid optimization system evaluated the biddable item to determine if a bid change was necessary.

Manual override expiry time

If a DS user manually overrides a bid strategy's bid, this column indicates when the manual override will expire. After this time, the bid strategy will resume optimizing the bid.

Bid strategy

The biddable item's bid strategy.

View a detailed change history

  1. Navigate to a bid strategy or a label that you've applied to the biddable items in a bid strategy. 

  2. Select a time range for the report. Choose a date on or after May 21, 2016.
    If you don’t see a recent change, make sure that the time range includes today.

    To see changes that occurred before May 21, 2016, enter the time range. In the message that appears, click View earlier changes
    Image of message preceded with exclamation point that says: Changes made before 2016-05-21 are shown in a different view. Message text that serves as a link says: View earlier changes.

  3. In the left navigation panel, click Change history.
    A history of changes made to the items during the specified time period appears in the table.

    You may see multiple changes in one row if they were made together (for example, if you uploaded a bulksheet with multiple changes to one keyword).

  4. To download the detailed change history, click the download icon Download icon that appears above the reporting table.


The detailed change history shows:

  • Changes to bid strategy's target.
  • Adjustments to constraints. For example, min bid increased from .05 to .07.
  • Whether the bid strategy made the change or if a user made the change.
  • When items were added or removed from the bid strategy.
  • If the bid strategy is setting or recommending  bid adjustment such as Mobile. Bid strategy bid mode is Recommendation.

Learn more about the columns that appear in this report.


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