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About conversion tracking

DoubleClick tracks conversions through proprietary conversion tags, known as Floodlight activities. Floodlight activities are iframe snippets of code that allow DoubleClick to capture post-click conversions. A single Floodlight can be used to track conversions across Google, Bing Ads and DCM accounts.

DoubleClick does not report or optimize off of AdWords or Bing Conversion Tags.

DoubleClick Floodlight tags are created in the DCM advertiser properties. If you have already created Floodlight tags for your DCM advertiser, they will automatically be used for DoubleClick Search. DoubleClick uses last-click attribution down to the keyword level.

Refer to the Concepts section of the Floodlight Guide.

Types of Floodlight activities

DoubleClick has two types of Floodlight activities:

  • Counter activities simply count the number of times that users have visited a particular webpage after seeing or clicking on one of your ads.
  • Sales activities enable you to track the number of sales made or the number of items purchased. You can also capture the total value of each sale.

Configuring and creating Floodlight activities

Floodlight activities are created and managed in the DCM platform at the Advertiser level.

Follow the steps below to access the Floodlight management console:

  1. Sign in to DCM (only Admins in DCM can manage Floodlight activities)
  2. Click on the Advertisers tab and select Advertisers
  3. Click on the advertiser's name to access the Floodlight properties

There are two tabs under the Advertiser properties for managing Floodlight activities:

  • Floodlight Configuration tab contains the properties for all Floodlight activities, such as lookback windows and custom variables
  • Floodlight Activities tab is where you can create the HTML tags to export to the advertiser

Refer to the Setup and management of the Floodlight Guide to create Floodlight conversion tags.

Implementing Floodlight activities

After exporting Floodlight activities, they need to be placed on the advertiser's website.  Refer to this guide for implementation guidelines that you can send to the advertiser's web development team.

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