Getting started with Floodlight

What are Floodlight activities?

Manage Floodlight groups and activities

A Floodlight tag is a feature of DoubleClick Campaign Manager (DCM) that DoubleClick Search uses to track and report on conversions for a given website. It’s a 1x1 pixel tag that renders when the page on which it is located serves. Floodlight tags are located on pages where conversions take place (for example, when consumers make purchases or complete online forms).

Each Floodlight tag is contained within a Floodlight activity. In DoubleClick Search, you can create Floodlight activities with basic settings and the Floodlight activity groups that contain them, so you likely won’t need to go to DCM. If you need to manage some of the more advanced settings of Floodlight activities -- such as counting method, cache busting method, and minimum impressions -- you can still do so through DCM.