Getting started with Floodlight

Create a Floodlight activity

Manage Floodlight groups and activities

  1. In the left nav, click the Advertiser settings tab.
    Learn more about accessing advertiser settings.

  2. Below the advertiser’s settings, click the Floodlight activities tab.
    The current Floodlight activities for the advertiser appear.

  3. Name the Floodlight activity.

  4. In the Expected URL field, enter the URL of the webpage where you plan on adding the Floodlight activity.
    You need to start the URL with http:// or https://.

  5. In the Activity group field, select the group that will contain this Floodlight activity.

  6. Select the Secure Servers Only (https) check box if an https:// connection should be used to connect to DoubleClick Campaign Manager (DCM) for tracking.

  7. If you need to implement the new Floodlight activity tag into your URL, you can copy it from the Floodlight Tag Preview area.

  8. Click Save.
    DoubleClick Search adds the Floodlight activity to the table.