Manage non-upgraded sitelinks

This article describes the DS support of non-upgraded sitelinks. Learn more about the DS support of upgraded sitelinks.

Google AdWords Ad sitelinks is a feature for search-based ads that lets you include additional links to deeper content on your site beyond the main landing page. Available to ads that display in the top promoted position and meet AdWords quality requirements, sitelinks extend the value of your AdWords ads by showcasing additional targeted and relevant links for users whose search queries have triggered your ad.

In addition, sitelinks make it easy to update and refresh seasonal and limited promotions: you can change the additional links on your ads as often as you like to make each ad more timely for your current sales and marketing efforts.

There's no need to change your current ads. Sitelinks add links beneath your existing ads, making them even more relevant to a wider range of users.

You can enter up to 10 sitelinks in one sitelinks extension, which you can then apply to a campaign. If a user search triggers your ad to run with sitelinks, AdWords may include up to six of your additional links on your ad, along with the main landing page link. Learn more about sitelinks on the AdWords Help Center.

You can no longer create non-upgraded sitelinks or add them to campaigns. However, you can access historical performance data by doing the following:

  1. Navigate to an engine account or campaign.
  2. Click ▼ on the Extensions tab and select Sitelinks: Not upgraded.

DS displays performance data for the non-upgraded sitelinks.

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