Yes, I assigned keywords to this bid strategy

If you assigned your keywords to the appropriate Floodlight tag bid strategy in DoubleClick Search, be sure to verify the following:

  • Are you comparing equal time periods before and after the strategy was implemented?

  • Has your bid strategy been running for at least seven days? As a best practice, your bid strategy needs historical performance before DoubleClick Search can begin fully optimizing your account.

  • Are you tracking conversion data for these tags in DoubleClick Search? If not, there may be an issue with the implementation of a Floodlight tag on your landing page.

  • Has your overall CPA improved since the bid strategy was implemented? If so, continue to monitor the performance to see if the improvement continues.

  • Based on your historical data, is the CPA rule you set for this individual tag(s) within the realm of possibility? For example, if you historically perform at a $20 CPA, a $2 CPA may not be a realistic goal.

  • Is your Max CPC bid at or close to the min strat or max strat bid? If so, it's especially important to take action for high-conversion keywords. Increasing the min/max strat bid range (i.e. lowering the min strat bid and raising the max strat bid) will allow DoubleClick Search to optimize spend between:
    • Keywords that can get conversions with a relative lower cost.
    • Keywords that need a relative higher cost to get conversions.

If all of the above quality assurance checks are confirmed and you still have questions on whether your Floodlight tag bid strategy is working properly, contact your Technical Account Manager or DoubleClick Search support at for further assistance.

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