Customize the day range for a weekly report

When you elect to segment a downloaded report by week, the weeks will run from Monday to Sunday (if the first day of the date range is not a Monday, the first week will be a partial week that runs from that day to Sunday). Follow these steps to customize the day range of your weekly reports:

  1. In the date range near the top right of the page, select a range that starts with the desired start day.
    For example, if you want your weeks to run from Sunday to Saturday, click the date, select Custom from the dropdown, and select a Sunday, such as November 6, 2011.

  2. Click Download in the toolbar above the table to open the panel.

  3. In the left nav of the panel, confirm that the Download now tab is selected.
    These instructions do not apply to scheduling a report.

  4. In the download panel, select Custom in the Segment by dropdown, and enter 7 in the days field that appears.

  5. Enter the remaining properties for your report and download it.
    The weeks in the report will have the desired day range. In this example, they’ll run from Sunday to Saturday.