Override a bid strategy's bid

When you apply a bid strategy to a biddable item, the bid strategy starts to monitor and potentially change the biddable item's Max CPC setting, which is the highest amount that you are willing to pay per click. Note that often you'll pay less than the max CPC because in each auction, the most you'll pay is what's needed to rank higher than the advertiser immediately below you.

You can manually override the max CPC that a bid strategy has set for one or more biddable items. This allows you to change bids for your competitive, high-value biddable items quickly. There may be circumstances when you don't want to wait for the DoubleClick Search optimization system to run through its processes to update the max CPC. For example, based on sudden changes in the business landscape, you need a more aggressive bid strategy on a keyword for the next few days. Therefore, you want to manually increase the max CPC to enable higher bids and achieve the desired results.

When you manually override the max CPC, the new max CPC will remain for 24 hours; the DoubleClick Search optimization system will not update the max CPC during this time. After 24 hours, DoubleClick Search will resume optimizing your bids to meet the goals of the bid strategy.

Changing the default CPC or maximum CPC at the ad group level will not override the bid strategy because a bid strategy explicitly sets max CPC for each biddable item it manages. It does not set max CPC for ad groups.

How to override a bid strategy's bid

  1. Navigate to an engine account or lower scope (such as a specific campaign or ad group).

  2. Click the Keywords or Product targets tab.

  3. If the Max CPC column doesn't already display in the reporting table, add it.

  4. Change the value in the Max CPC column.

Use a bulksheet to override a bid strategy's bid

  1. Download an Editable columns (for re-upload) report that contains the biddable items you want to override. For example:
    1. Navigate to an advertiser and click the Campaigns tab.

    2. Click the Keywords or Product targets tab.

      Use filters to find just the biddable items you want to override.
    3. In the reporting table, select the check box next to each biddable item you want to override.

    4. Click ▸ Download in the toolbar above the reporting table.

    5. Leave the Columns list set to the default Editable columns (for re-upload).

    6. In the Include types list, leave Keywords and or Product targets selected.

    7. Click Download.

    8. After DS finishes generating the download, click the Download now link that appears above the reporting table.

  2. Open the downloaded spreadsheet and change the value in the Keyword max CPC column or Product target max CPC for each keyword or product target you want to override.

  3. Upload the spreadsheet.