View bidding history for biddable items in a bid strategy

DS maintains a history of changes to bid settings for each biddable item that you can download to a file. The downloaded history file contains information about when bids were changed along with additional data to help:

  • Investigate the cause of performance changes.
  • Understand who made the bid change, when, and by how much. The bid history will tell you whether the bid was automatically changed by a bid strategy or manually changed by a DS user.
  • Give you the power to improve bid strategy performance. For example, if the downloaded history file shows that bid changes were constrained by bid strategy's maximum bid setting, you may want to increase the maximum bid setting bid so the bid optimization system can more freely optimize bids.

Follow these steps to download bid history for one or more biddable items:

  1. In the DoubleClick Search UI, select the Keywords tab or Product groups tab on any of the following pages:

    For example, to see the bid history of the keywords in a bid strategy, navigate to a bid strategy and select the Keywords tab.

  2. In the reporting table, select the check box next to the items whose bid history you want to see.
    You can select up to 30 items.

  3. The bid history file will include changes during the date range specified near the top right of the page.
    Click the date range to change it. If you select a date range greater than 90 days, the file will only include the history for the last 90 days.

  4. Click Download in the toolbar above the reporting table.
    The download panel appears.

  5. On the lefthand side of the download panel, click Bid history report.
    The settings for the bid history appear.

  6. Select the file format and click Download.
    If no bid changes occurred to a biddable item during the time span, the file will contain one row for the item, with the name followed by (no changes).

The columns in the downloaded history file (click here for an example) provide a snapshot of each bid change. They include:

Bid history column


Keyword max CPC

Product group max CPC

The new max CPC amount. If this is a keyword in a Bing Ads account, the file also shows the same value in the Exact, Phrase, Broad, or Content column (depending on the keyword's match type).

Min bid

Max bid

Only applies for bids set by the DoubleClick Search bid optimization system.

Bid status

Only applies for bids set by the DoubleClick Search bid optimization system.

  • Normal: DoubleClick Search was able to choose a bid without being constrained by the min strat bid or max strat bid.
  • Clamped by max bid: DoubleClick Search would have chosen a higher bid but was constrained by the max strat bid.
  • Clamped by min bid: DoubleClick Search would have chosen a lower bid but was constrained by the min strat bid.

Change source

Whether the bid change was a result of:

  • Optimization: A change from the bid strategy system.
  • Inbound sync: A sync that a DoubleClick Search user initiated.
  • Bulksheet upload: An upload from a DoubleClick Search user.
  • Web interface: A change that a DoubleClick Search user made directly in the DoubleClick Search UI.


Contains one of the following:

  • System change : indicates that a bid strategy made the change.
  • An email address: provides the email address of the DoubleClick Search user who made the change.

Trafficking time

When the bid change was sent to the engine.

Bid optimization time

When the DoubleClick Search bid optimization system evaluated the biddable item to determine if a bid change was necessary.

Manual override expiry time

If a DoubleClick Search user manually overrides a bid strategy's bid, this column indicates when the manual override will expire. After this time, the bid strategy will resume optimizing the bid.

Bid strategy

The biddable item's bid strategy.

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