Why do I need a unique DCM advertiser?

There is always a one-to-one relationship between a DoubleClick Search advertiser and DoubleClick Campaign Manager (DCM) advertiser. This enables DoubleClick Search to use the respective DCM advertiser's Floodlight tag configuration, which allows us to report on conversions. If two DoubleClick Search advertisers were mapped to the same DCM advertiser, you wouldn't be able to report on unique conversion data for each DoubleClick Search advertiser.

Ideally you would never change the association between the DS advertiser and DCM advertiser, especially if you have already created DS engine accounts and trafficked data to the engines. But if you do need to associate an existing DS advertiser with a different DCM advertiser, contact customer support.

Share Floodlight Tag Configuration Among Multiple DoubleClick Search Advertisers

If you want multiple DoubleClick Search advertisers to have the same Floodlight tag configuration, they'll still need unique DCM advertisers, but they can share the Floodlight tag configuration and activities of one of the DCM advertisers. For example:

  1. You have an existing DoubleClick Search advertiser (DS Adv 1) that is mapped to a unique DCM Advertiser (DCM Adv 1).
  2. A new DoubleClick Search advertiser (DS Adv 2) was just created, and you want it to have the same Floodlight Tag Configuration as DCM Adv 1.
  3. A new DCM advertiser (DCM Adv 2) needs to be created and mapped to DS Adv 2. The new advertiser DCM Adv 2 should share the Floodlight configuration of DCM Adv 1.
    DS Adv 1 and DS Adv 2 are now mapped to different DCM advertisers, but they share DCM Adv 1's Floodlight configuration and Floodlight activities.
The DCM advertiser that first had the shared Floodlight settings is the master advertiser (DCM Adv 1 in the above example). If you remove the master advertiser, the Floodlight information on DS will be removed for all related advertisers. In the example above, if you remove DCM Adv 1, the Floodlight information on DS Adv 1 and DS Adv 2 will be removed (including the settings for targeting offline conversions).
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