Recycle objects to remove errors

You can recycle objects in DoubleClick Search to clear out old error messages.

Recycling a task is an easy way to remove out-of-date error messages from an object in the DoubleClick Search UI. Each time you change an object in DoubleClick Search (for example, make a bid change, pause or resume an object, or change an object name or ad text), DoubleClick Search recycles the object with the engine. This process clears out any out-of-date trafficking errors.

You can recycle any object by changing or editing any feature of the object--its name, bid, targeting settings, and so forth.

Changing a keyword's text creates a new keyword, so if you're recycling a keyword, we recommend changing the bid or pausing/resuming the keyword.

To recycle an object in the UI, simply make your desired change and wait for the spinning wheel to stop. You can then change the object’s bid or name back, if you like. If you have several objects you want to recycle at once, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the page that contains the failed objects you'd like to recycle.

  2. Above the table of objects, click the Show all rows with errors link in the pink bar.
    This filters the table to only display the failed objects.

  3. Select the check box to the left of the column headers to select all the failed objects.
    Alternatively, you can select the check boxes next to specific objects.

  4. From the Edit dropdown, select an action, such as Resume or Pause.
    You can even select the current status if you don't want to change the status (for example, if your objects are active, you can click Resume). DoubleClick Search will recycle the objects.

To recycle multiple objects via upload:

  1. Download an editable report that scopes in to the set of objects that you’d like to recycle (an easy way to do this is to filter to Engine Sync Status is not null).

  2. Make slight changes to each desired object (for example, increase a bid by 1 cent, or pause/resume an object) and save the report as a new file.

  3. Upload the new file.

  4. Once the new file has finished processing, upload the original report, which will contain all of the original object settings, including bids, names, and status.

If the error message is still in the UI, please contact the DoubleClick Search Support team for further assistance.

Common errors to troubleshoot with recycling include:

  • Entity had an error prior to upgrade" (DS3_ERROR_UNKNOWN_LEGACY_ERROR)

  • Entity is not mapped on the engine (DS3_ERROR_ENTITY_NOT_MAPPED)

  • Periscope simulated timeout expired.

  • AdPolicyViolation

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