DS user types

The following table shows the different user types available in DoubleClick Search (DS) and their functions.

  • If you're unsure of your user type, please contact your DS Support Representative or email ds-support@google.com.

  • If you want to add or modify a user, you must be an agency manager and complete this form. The request will be sent directly to DS customer support. When completed, you'll receive a follow-up email.

User type Add/mod users Mod advertisers Add/mod eng accts Edit all in agency Edit all in advertiser View advertiser and run reports
Agency manager x x x x x x
Agency user x x x
Advertiser user x x
Advertiser viewer x

What the column headers mean:

  • User type: Your level of DS user when you sign in to the product.

  • Add/mod users: You can submit a request to add or edit users.

  • Mod advertisers: You can edit advertisers.

  • Add/mod/del eng accts: You can add, edit, and delete engine accounts under advertisers.

  • Edit all in agency: You can make edits to all components for all advertisers within the agency, including campaigns, bid strategies, and reporting.

  • Edit all in advertiser: You can make edits to all components within the advertiser, including campaigns, bid strategies, and reporting.

  • View advertiser and run reports: You have read-only access to the campaign management and bid strategy components within the advertiser. You can customize and run reports within the advertiser.