Ad rotation

(Google only) Ad rotation is the way your ads are delivered on Google and the Google Network. Your ads will rotate if you have multiple ads within an ad group, as no more than one ad from your account can show at a time. You can specify how often you'd like the ads in your ad group to be served relative to one another. You have three options:

  • Optimize for clicks (default): Ads expected to provide more clicks are delivered more often into the ad auction than other ads in the ad group. These higher-quality ads gain more impressions than other ads in the ad group, resulting in higher ad served percentages. By using this option, your ad group will likely receive more impressions and clicks overall, since higher-quality ads attain better positions and attract more user attention.
  • Rotate: Rotated ad serving delivers ads more evenly into the auction, even when one ad has a lower CTR than another. The impression statistics and ad served percentages of the ads in the ad group will be more similar to each other than if you select one of the optimization options. However, these statistics still may differ from each other, as ad position can vary based on Quality Score.