% without clicks column

Displays the percentage of days within the report's time range that a bid strategy's keywords did not receive clicks. 

If this percentage is high, you may want to:

  • Take a look at the existing keywords in the bid strategy and add more useful ones.

  • Raise the bid strategy's maximum bid. If it’s a position bid strategy, you may also want to increase the position range (for example, change a range of 610 to 1.5 : 10).

You can also watch the trends of these percentages and adjust bid settings accordingly.

Learn more about analyzing bid strategy performance.

Add this column to a report
  1. Do either of the following:

  2. Select a time range.

  3. Above the performance summary graph, click the Columns button.

  4. Next to Available columns, type the column name in the search box and press the Enter key.

  5. Click + next to the column name in the Available columns list.

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