About creating a search engine account

A search engine account connects DoubleClick Search (DS) with one of the supported search engines. Each search engine account specifies the ID or number of the account that it's connecting to, a date on which DS starts managing the account, and other settings that are specific to the type of engine.

Only one DS engine account can be active for each account ID or number that you have set up with the engine. For example, if you create an engine account that connects to AdWords account 123-456-7890, you can't launch that account if another DS engine account is currently active for  123-456-7890. Instead, you'll need to change the status of the other account to Removed

Ready to get started?

  1. Create an engine account. The steps you follow depend on the type of engine account you're creating.
    The articles in this section of the help center describe how to create different types of engine accounts. For example, here's the article for creating an AdWords engine account.
  2. Run your first sync to import any campaigns that you've already created in the engine.
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