DS releases

April 22, 2014

Spotlight on new feature

Bid strategies that can adjust mobile bids

Mobile bid adjustments—increasing or decreasing bids for search ads on a mobile device—were introduced to DoubleClick Search as part of enhanced campaigns. With this release, bid strategies that target conversions or revenue can automatically apply mobile bid adjustments based on the bid strategy’s goal. If you prefer a more hands-on approach, your bid strategy can simply recommend mobile bid adjustments. You can periodically view the recommendation and apply the adjustment when it suits your needs. Learn more.


Updated features

  • Executive Reporting: Tables can show how performance has changed over time - If you compare performance to a past performance in a table, you can show the actual amount or the percentage that the performance changed.

    In addition, if you change the currency of a report, you can only convert to a currency that has already been defined in the engine accounts, agencies, and advertisers that are in the report. This assures that the currency conversion is accurate.

  • New SavedColumns resource in the DS API: DS has added a new resource type to its API that contains the list of all saved columns that an advertiser has created, such as Floodlight columns, Google Analytics columns, or formula columns. Once you retrieve the list of columns, you can request reports for the metrics that the columns contain. Learn more about working with saved columns from the DS API.


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