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April 10, 2014

Spotlight on new feature

Use text parameters in ads

You can customize your Google AdWords and Bing Ads ads by using dynamic text parameters in DoubleClick Search (DS). You first create an ad as you normally would in DS, and then indicate which parts of the ad will change, based on factors such as keyword search queries by potential customers. For example, an ad in a manual campaign might have a two-line description of Starting at a good price / Plenty of designs available by default. However, when the consumer searches on a keyword that has text parameters, the description could automatically change to Starting at $49.99 / 50 designs available.

A customized ad is more likely to appeal to potential customers because it's more relevant to their search queries. Ad parameters also allow updates to ads without having to go through the engine’s validation and approval process. In addition, ad parameters can save time if you want to update multiple ads throughout your campaign quickly. Learn more.


Updated features

  • Bid strategies for PLA campaigns: To optimize bidding on Product Listing Ads, you can now apply an ROI bid strategy to product targets, an ad group with product targets, or an entire campaign. You can even use the same bid strategy to manage bidding for both keywords and product targets and let DS determine the best ad format, product targets, and keywords for reaching your ROI goals. Learn more.

  • Use formula columns that contain Google Analytics data in bid strategies: If the standard bid strategy goals (Clicks, Conversion, Revenue, and so on) don't meet your needs, you can create a formula column that defines your own KPIs, and then create a bid strategy that optimizes to the formula column. Now, bid strategies can optimize to formula columns containing data from Google Analytics columns that report conversions or revenue.

  • Saved views include segmentation selection: When you save a report view that is segmented, DS now saves the segmentation selection as well. This only applies to new views that you create going forward. Any views that you’ve already created cannot save the segmentation selection.

  • New location and device-targeting columns for campaigns and ad groups: New bulksheet columns for Bing Ads ad groups more accurately reflect the way Bing Ads organizes the inheritance of location targets and device targets. (This change complements the UI changes that were introduced on January 21, 2014.) To present location and device targeting settings consistently across all engine account, bulksheet columns for campaigns and ad groups in other engine accounts have also been updated. Learn more.

  • Fresh, new look: We’ve added more white space and softer colors to make DoubleClick Search easier on the eyes. This is the same look in many of the other Google products you know and love.
    New look with more white space.


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