Use DCM Report Builder to report on DS data

To include DoubleClick Search (DS) performance metrics in DoubleClick Campaign Manager (DCM) reports, you can add paid search dimensions and metrics to DCM Standard reports. You can also filter on specific keywords by using operators to narrow the scope of your queries.

You'll need a Google Account that has permission to access DCM.

To add paid search dimensions and metrics to Standard DCM reports:

  1. From the top menu bar in DS, click Search ▼.
    The Search menu provides access to other parts of DDM.

    The DDM menu lists all of the DDM products that your Google Account has permission to access.

  2. Select Reporting & Attribution.
    This option appears on the DDM menu only if your Google Account has permission to access DCM.
  3. In DCM, click the Report Builder link at the top of the page.

To learn more about using Report Builder, visit the DCM Help Center.

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