Common UI errors

The following lists common error messages in the DoubleClick Search UI and describes how to troubleshoot them.

Error Possible Cause Troubleshoot
A required field was not specified or is an empty string. (AdError.EMPTY_FIELD) Error creating an ad. Could be missing the destination URL or another key component. Edit the ad to include the missing component.
Cannot target and exclude the same criterion at once Trying to create a negative keyword as a normal keyword. Use the Negative keywords tab to create a negative keyword
Site cpc bid can not be set (BiddingError. CAN_NOT_SET_SITE_MAX_CPC) You're attempting to traffic a field (Ad group placement max CPC) that is now rejected by the AdWords API. If the ad groups have never trafficked, re-upload the ad groups without any values in the Ad group placement max CPC column.
The campaign status is not valid for the requested operation Campaign/object is not removed from the engine. Perform an inbound sync to remove the object in DoubleClick Search, selecting the check box to Remove campaigns, ad groups, ads, and keywords from DoubleClick Search if they have not been successfully trafficked to the engine.
The PLA campaign was not fully synced because the Merchant Center account was not linked in DoubleClick Search.
If the Google Merchant Center account (ID as shown in the error message) is not added to DS advertiser inventory management, the sync will skip Product Listing Ad objects (such as product targets) and report this error. Simply attempting another sync will not fix the issue. Add the Google Merchant Center account to DS.
The specified user is not authorized to use the Bing Ads API. (106) The customer identifier is not valid CID is invalid. Email DoubleClick Search support at to correct the CID.
This ad failed to traffic to the engine account. Please include the following engine-generated message when you contact support. (PolicyViolationError.POLICY_ERROR) Editorial error. Assess aspects of the object that may be triggering the editorial error, such as character length, spelling, capitalization, etc. After you update the object, DoubleClick Search will resubmit it to the engine.
User in the cookie is not a valid ads user Possible internal DoubleClick Search error. Edit the object or perform an inbound sync.
The account is paused. Data is not trafficked to or from the engine account. The engine account is paused. This is an informational message only. You can change the status of the engine account to Active, but it is not required. 

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