Troubleshoot common issues

Following are common questions or issues from DoubleClick Search users, along with suggested solutions where applicable.

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What's the difference between a landing page URL and a clickserver URL?

Which URL is actually used for the landing page: keyword or ad?

The previous version of DoubleClick Search creates clickserver URLs for ads, but DoubleClick Search does not. Why?

Where can I get geo-targeting codes?

Click the Uploads tab, and then click the Get upload templates and geo targeting codes link. You can then use the downloaded geo codes to apply geographic targeting when creating a campaign (or creating a Bing Ads ad group) in the UI or via upload.

The statuses on DoubleClick Search and the engine don't match.

If a campaign, ad group, ad, or keyword is in error, a change in status may not have been trafficked to the engine. This may also be the reason a removed object still appears in DoubleClick Search. Resolve the error and check the status.

If the object is not in error, you can run a sync to update the status on DoubleClick Search.


Why do I get an error when I try to create a new ad or keyword under an existing campaign or ad group?

It's possible the campaign ID or ad group ID is missing. When you create a new ad or keyword under an existing campaign or ad group, you need to include the campaign ID and ad group ID on the upload file.

To get the needed IDs, you can select the Editable columns (for re-upload) option when you download a report.

Can I remove unneeded columns before uploading?

Yes, though it is optional. For example, if you need to update some keywords, you could enter values in the Row Type, Action, and Keyword ID columns, as well as the columns whose properties you want to update. You then have the option to remove the columns that are blank or keep them in the file before uploading it.

How can I upload a report that I downloaded from DoubleClick Search?

From the Campaigns tab, click Download in the toolbar above the performance summary graph. Select Editable columns (for re-upload) from the Columns dropdown, and click Download. Change the file as needed, and then upload it back into DoubleClick Search.



What happens to unsupported features (such as non-text ads) when I sync an account?


Bid strategies

Visits not reported in Bid Strategy page

If you elect to display visits on the Bid Strategies page, the number of visits will not be correctly reported (all visits are reported as 0). To see the correct visits for a bid strategy's keywords, click a link in the Bid strategy column to access the keyword-level reporting for the bid strategy.



When will I receive my first scheduled report?

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