DS training

DoubleClick provides training to help you learn DoubleClick Search. We've designed our training courses and webinars to give you a comprehensive, focused learning experience so you can start using DS as quickly and efficiently as possible. On this page you can register for training and also access past webinars.

Register for training

  1. Click the event name for which you want to register or search using the Search box in the upper right corner
  2. Click Register and and complete the form
  3. Be sure to register with the Google account you use to access DoubleClick Search
  4. Click Register
  5. The training will now show up under My Events
If you need to cancel
  1. Under My Events, click the event title
  2. Click Cancel for the event and click OK
  3. Watch for an email confirming that you've un-enrolled
How to register someone else
  1. Click Register for an event
  2. View upcoming trainings or search using the search box in the upper right corner
  3. Find the event for which you want to register someone
  4. Click the "Register" button and complete the form. If you're enrolling other users in addition to yourself, you'll need to enroll those other users before enrolling yourself
  5. Be sure to enter the email address that is associated (or will be associated) with that individual's Google account associated with DS
  6. Click Register
  7. You won't receive a confirmation that the individual was enrolled; instead, that person will receive a confirmation email
  8. If that person wishes to cancel their enrollment, they'll need to follow the link provided in the confirmation email. You won't be able to un-enroll any users you have signed up

Watch recorded webinars

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If you have questions about training registration, see our FAQ or contact doubleclick-training@google.com.