Set up your first campaign

DS new user checklist

Now that you have a DoubleClick Search advertiser and have hopefully attended a training webinar, use the following as a guide to apply what you've learned about the features. Try each new feature and keep track of which ones you've mastered.

Navigate the UI

Feature Learn more
Account navigation bar: Drill down to campaigns and ad groups. Note the change in tab options in the middle of the screen. Learn more
Change the date range. Learn more
Change the data shown on the performance summary graph by selecting a metric in the summary of data below the graph. Then add a second metric. Learn more

Manage campaigns

Feature Learn more
Create a new campaign in the UI. Learn more
Add negative keywords. Learn more
Set match type bidding (at the ad group or keyword level) for Bing Ads. Learn more
Set daily/monthly budget for Bing Ads. Learn more
Edit campaign settings. Notice the progress wheel spin when you make changes. This shows that DoubleClick Search is applying changes to the engine accounts. Learn more
Create an ad with the trademark symbol or other double-byte character. Learn more
Create placeholder keywords: Add keywords in a paused state, and generate clickserver URLs. Learn more
Edit a bid directly in the UI. Learn more
Sync engine changes into a DoubleClick Search account. Learn more

Upload files

Feature Learn more
Access the Uploads tab. Learn more
Download upload templates/geo codes. Note that you can hover over a column name to see formatting tips. Learn more
Upload a file. Learn more
Cancel a file in mid-upload if you need to. Learn more
Check an error sheet. Learn more

Optimize bids automatically

Feature Learn more
Create a bid strategy to manage keywords to a position range. Learn more
Apply a bid strategy to keywords directly in the UI. Learn more
View keyword performance by bid strategy. Learn more

Analyze ad/keyword performance

Feature Learn more
Edit (customize) columns. Use drag and drop to change the order. Learn more
Create a filter. See how the filters remain when you navigate to other campaigns. Learn more
Segment keywords by individual ad performance. Learn more
After setting up your columns and filter, save the view. Also, change to a default view. Learn more
Download a report: Select Include all child objects to download relevant ad groups, keywords, and so forth. Next, test roundtripping: Downloading a report with Editable columns allows you to download a report, make changes, and upload the same file. Learn more
Create a label and apply it to keywords. Learn more

Provide feedback

Click the Provide Feedback button to tell us what you think within DoubleClick Search.
Let us know what's not working so we can fix it and make your life easier.