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All the notes i had on my phone all of a sudden delete and i want to recover my notes some way? I tried to back up my data and i shows nothing
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I can't log in my facebook account somebody hacked my password Recovery my facebook acount On 14 th july I purchased a gift card through Google play but Its not working .I want my refund I want your contact number
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Hello mam/sir I accidentally deleted my photos from google drive. So kindly help me to recover those I need that photos Access to doc-0s-54-docs.googleusercontent.com was denied You don't have authorization to view this page. HTTP ERROR 403 My drive is almost full, so I'm trying to download and remove some of my videos. But when I hit "dow… Hello sir I need backup my old pics My files wont download because "i dont have the authority" I have trried sharing with a different account, still no difference
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How can I recover my old contacts? Need a few of my contacts back but they're erased . How can I get them back or recovered?
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I nedd recover all deleted files in trash Sir I need all the photos, I have deleted the all photos in trash mistakenly please kind me to recov… delete file restore delete file ? recover my google drive files ? and restore my delete permanently files??
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