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Updated: Yesterday
There is no file taking up my drive storage space. How do I solve the issue? I have deleted all files and videos that were taking up space. My drive is almost empty now but the … Low Download Speed On Google Drive Help me ! Currently i have 10 Mbps plan. I am getting best or perfect download speed in YouTube or A… Google Drive - can't move files I uploaded via Backup & Sync Hello, I have a very old laptop that I plan to completely discontinue using. I installed Backup and …
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Google Drive: comments in preview mode not being seen in document The issue is as follows: I've made a comment in preview mode on a Google Doc. After opening the docu…
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Downloading a folder, Drive won't finish zipping I cannot install backup and sync on the computer I need the files on. It is a folder of virtual mach…
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How to NOT show the recent accessed files I dont to see the recent accessed files under the home option.
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How do I make one account, my primary account instead of another of my google accounts? turning every app of as primary in settings, but that didn't work. I would like that when I automati…
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Can I select files? Hi! I have been organizing my google drive into folders, and I was wondering if there was a way to s…
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I cant download pdf from YouTube I can't download pdf from YouTube
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