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quit offline mode Hello, I want to access to my drive in "online" mode, not in offline mode. My drive is open in offli…
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I want to know in which device the file has erased. there are a lot of people in my account's google drive(kirin6020) and at 11:46 one folder has been e… Is possible use backup and sync files with Google Drive using windos 7? Backup and sync files using windows 7, is possible? I installed the Backup
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Whey note show my docomend What happen
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Opening files from Google Drive using Microsoft 365 I just downloaded Microsoft Excel and subscribed to Microsoft 365 to my new iPad. How do I open my f…
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Google backup and sync tool is too slow regarding simple and small changes Hi Every time I make a tiny change in one of my files in google drive folder, or remove some few fil…
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All Google drive Co. Yes
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Why won't Backup and Sync stop backing up the Desktop? As the image shows, I've deselected the option of backing up my desktop to the google drive. But Bac…
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Prevent syncing from restarting from scratch I have large files syncing to Google Drive. If the process is interrupted, the syncing will restart …
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My drive does not exist why? Certificates
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Folders not visible in app We share a Google Drive account across multiple devices. A couple of Android phones are not showing … google backup and sync deinstallation error 2318 During deinstallation of google backup and sync, error 2318 apears and process is stoped
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I update my computer from windows 7 to windows 10. The process of sync was not initiated after installing Google drive back up tools in my computer. So… phone backup Hi everybody, maybe it's a silly question but how can I get my backup to a new phone? When I click t…
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