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Last edited 4/9/19
I know there other posts with this exact headline but no answers especially recently any idea why this thing spins my Macbook Pro with an Intel i9 / 32gb ram / 1tb SSD to 100+% CPU usage? (is that even possible? I saw 117% CPU today)  It does it every time I reboot my computer now it says processing and the CPU heats up to 97c and the fans spin up to 6k max. It never did this until recently that I notice any idea what is going on?
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Hi Tony Lewis 3532!
As probably stated in prior posts, there are a number of factors to consider:
  1. First, if you ever see 117% CPU utilization then the app generating the stats is suspect. There cannot be more than 100% cpu utilization. Perhaps the app is using some weird formulaes to try and communicate something but the electronics can never been going faster than 100% of how fast it runs.
  2. There have been no changes to the Backup & Sync app since December, so if you do mean recently then something else has changed on that computer.
  3. My own laptop, which is several years old now, has 24GB and a mechanical drive with Core i5. It never goes anywhere near that high at boot or otherwise, and Backup & Sync is monitoring about 29Gbytes of data on that laptop.
Again, since you have stated that this started happening recently it sounds as if something else has changed and is interfering in some way.
Hope this clarifies things for you, but of course please feel free to inquire further!
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 Best I could think of was just screen record the whole event here is a screen capture of my computer booting and the CPU getting up to 113% at it's maximum. Maybe I'm reading the stats wrong,  I am a recent PC to Mac transfer so I might not know how to read the stats. Judge for yourself
screen capture here: https://take.ms/evPPo (jump to 2:49 to see 110%+ CPU usage)
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Thanks Tony Lewis 3532!
You are not "reading" the numbers wrong. The issue of course is that we have no idea how they are arriving at those numbers. If anything says its over 100% it means that they are doing some kind of number morphing- it is saying it's like you are driving your car at faster than your engine is rotating.
I also notice some things in that capture:
  1. Skip to time index 1:30 - center panel of stats, bottom graph is for core utilization. It's running at about 10-20% during the first 90 seconds.
  2. Yes, the left panel of stats is showing that B&S is consuming 80-90% of the cpu, however, again we do not know exactly what is included in the. It seems like it's more than the core utilization since it's 80-90+% while the core utilization is only 10-20%. Perhaps it's a formula calculated number that includes both core use but also other on chip resources (caches, etc)
  3. Skipping to 5:00 minutes it still shows the center panel core util from 10+% very consistently. Yes, it says B&S is now using 112% of the CPU- but if that is true where is it finding another CPU to get the 12% over and above what the cpu's maximum capability is?
  4. Also, look at the summary charts at the bottom left:
    1. System Use: ~ 4%
    2. User: 8.65%
    3. Idle: 87.68%
I to am a Windows based user, but numbers are numbers. You can't get to 100% on a straight numeric measurement. They must be somehow generating a pseudo number based on a number of input conditions.
Most of the graphs are indicating that the cpu/core are idle much of the time.
When I have time during some of my simulation work I will attempt to research how Apple's app works.
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Great I'll keep following this post and hope you get to the bottom of this. Thank you!
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I see high utilization as well. Regardless of the number, backup and sync makes my mac fan go crazy! It seems to particularly an issue when it starts up and is "processing files". When it moves to "Canning files, it starts to settle down. It seems like the "processing files" part of the code may need some performance optimization work?
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It never. Stops. Syncing. Have you all not tried this on a Macbook? It's obviously a continuing issue. I've left my computer running for days and it never finishes syncing even if I reduce the folders to a *bare minimum*.
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Google drive is killing the battery and CPU, I'm using MacBook Pro 13. is not acceptable how google drive uses the cpu it always above 100% until finish sync,  I looking how to limit the cpu usage if I can, hope they solve this problem or I have to switch to another drive.
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I've suffered this same problem ever since I installed Backup & Sync on my Macbook Pro. In regards to the comments about CPU not being able to go above 100%, I've experienced this in my hardware monitoring systems for many years with mac. My best guess is that it's the Turbo Boost these chips are supposed to employ when needed (i.e. "2.3GHz dual-core Intel Core i5, Turbo Boost up to 3.6GHz"). When I start up my system and all my apps from my previous session start up automatically as designed, CleanMyMac starts yelling at me that all of my apps are hanging, asking me if I want to force quit them, and it all seems to be due to Backup & Sync usage. I'd love to push B&S further down the order of apps that startup automatically, or add a delay to it starting. But I haven't found an option yet. Really Google just needs to fix the app. It happens on all my Mac machines.
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OSX 10.12.6 3.1ghz i7 Macbook Pro. Google Backup and Sync makes laptop unuseable as uses 90-100% CPU. This occurs even if you pause it. Come on please Google this is clearly an issue!
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Upgrade room ram my phone
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