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Google Backup & Sync - changes upload ok but they don't migrate to other machines 0 Recommended Answers 46 Replies 44 Upvotes
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Last edited 11/8/19
Google Backup & Sync – When I make changes to files, the files upload to the Google cloud without a problem, but those files don't automatically migrate to other machines sharing the same folders (using my same username). If I stop B&S and restart it on the other machines, the sync works perfectly; but that isn’t really a solution.
I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled B&S.
I renamed the Google Drive folder first, forcing a total resync.
I changed a file on my laptop 30 minutes ago and the change has still not appeared on my desktop computer.

The above description is true of both my laptop and my desktop. A change on either one will upload to the cloud right away, but the changed files won't be copied to the other machine(s).
I don’t know what else to try.
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Same here. It's been happening for a few days now, both with Windows and Mac B&S clients. Sometimes the changes propagate, but in most cases, a restart of B&S client is required to force a full rescan, especially after a computer wakes up from sleep and B&S does not detect any changes (even if paused and resumed).
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I'm still having the same issue. It tends to get worse on occasion, as the B&S clients do not detect and download any changes, even when the client is restarted.

Anyone have any ideas? Looks like a back-end problem with servers though. Can anyone escalate to Google Drive/B&S team?
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I can add a file directly to Google Drive using the web interface and it does not appear on the local computers for 90 minutes (unless I restart Google B&S on the local machines).

On a separate note, it would also be nice if when someone replies to us in this forum that we'd receive an E-mail saying to come back to see the updates. Is there a setting that I missed??
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I think I have given up and will move the files to another cloud storage at least temporarily. Support has suggested after looking at the logs that the B&S client is unable to connect possibly due to a firewall or an antivirus, but I have neither running in my network, the same one I've used B&S for years now. Also I don't see why it would then always properly sync when the client is restarted and just pretend to be connected and not syncing at other times (for example when waking up from sleep or when the files are added from the web).  The symptoms remain the same and B&S remains unreliable. :( 

OneDrive syncs normally on the same computers in the same network, as does everything else. It's just B&S that's having issues.
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I'd really like to get B&S working again (I'd like THEM to get it working again). For me, it syncs to my other machines within about 90 minutes of any changes that have been made to the cloud. Clearly, 90 minutes is totally unacceptable, as is having to force a sync by restarting the service.

If it were a firewall issue or an antivirus issue, it would not sync in 90 minutes or 90 years. This must be affecting more than just Dario and me, though I don't see anyone else commenting here.

The "trigger" to sync to all users sharing the cloud folder must be on the server side (I've not seen the code, but nothing else would make sense).

I too have One Drive and it syncs immediately (subject to transfer time, of course).

I'm disappointing by Google's lack of responsiveness to this issue. B&S is not some seldom used app.
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I am still working with support. I have been able to replicate the problem on different networks, so it is probably not down to the specifics of one network (or an ISP), so I have sent them logs and screen recordings this time. I also hope to get to the bottom of this as Drive is currently my preferred cloud solution for most of my work...

Strangely, Drive on Windows seems to perform somewhat better for me (but not always), it's Macs that are having most of the issues. The only difference is that Macs are running B&S 3.47.7654.0550, and the PC is on a slightly older version 3.47.7654.0300 (and hasn't updated itself yet). What version are you using?
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I'm glad to hear you (and Google) are working on this.
I'm on PC, Windows 10
B&S v3.47.7654.0300
I have a client with a website that allows newsletter documents to be submitted (uploaded) and they land in a B&S folder where the editors can access them before we publish the newsletter. The platform we use for forms (JotForm) doesn't yet integrate with One Drive, so I'm locked into B&S for now.
Thankfully, forcing a sync does work, even though it's not an acceptable long term solution.
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Interesting thread thank you. I have the same issue, no firewalls etc, and its been working perfectly for me for years, and just recently it changed. So its definitely their issue not ours. I also notice it will sync eventually, but does take far too long to be acceptable. It used to update within seconds.
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I have the same issue here guys for about two or three weeks. Everything you've described is the same with me: one account on two PCs, syncs after PC/B&S restart but stops syncing afterwards, may sync randomly after 30-120 minutes. Stop and continue doesn't help BTW. Really sick of it.
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35 min
@ David: I have been asked *again* for more logs and more screen recordings illustrating the issue. I just don't see any point in spending more time on this after over a month.
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