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My Google Drive files no longer sync from my Windows XP laptop - I know my op sys is past end-of-life, but is there any way to still sync the G Drive?
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You can do it at your own risk, although connecting old O/S that is past end-of-life to internet is not secure.
You probably have a sync tool from a previous generation installed, so please uninstall it first, because it has not already connected to Google Drive anymore .
The newest version of "Google Backup & Sync" cannot be installed to XP by normal steps. You can get the old version of "Google Backup & Sync" as the standalone installer from here:
"3.36.6721.3394" is means version, you can download any version you need if change the version number in the URL. You should check by yourself what version you can use on your computer.
You can see the version history on here: https://support.google.com/a/answer/7573023
In my experience, Ver 3.36 could work on my XP but it could not be installed from next 3.37.
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I've been running 3.36.6721.3394 successfully on XP until today, when it says "This version of Backup and Sync is no longer supported.  Please install the latest version."  So it looks like this version may have been cut off today, presumably by a change in the Google servers.
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I'm running 3.36.6884.5911 on XP too, until today with the same message than Peter Smart.
There's a chance to keep working on any version with WinXP?
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ME TOO. Yes, I know, I should throw away my old XP system. But for many reasons, I still need it, and now I my backup regime has to be completely altered.

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Although it's understandable why some computers still must run Windows XP, it is unwise to continue to use any version of Backup & Sync that might theoretically "install".
First, no active official installer will properly install a current version of Backup & Sync that would run correctly on Windows XP.
While it may be possible to find some website that has a "snapshot" version of Backup & Sync pulled/saved from some previous installation/installer, that is not supported and most importantly not tested.
Second, over time changes are made to the functionality of the entire Google Drive & Backup Sync solution. This means that from time to time, changes are made to the servers that then require changes made in the application for the syncing to work properly, consistently and result in no data loss. By finding an older solution and somehow getting it "installed", it is possible that the steps taken in the servers and in the Backup & Sync app will no longer be correct. There is the potential for unexplained crashes and worse, data loss. Since scenario is never tested, the results will be unpredictable and possibly inconsistent.
This is also true of older Apple OS versions.
This also completely ignores that there are serious security issues that exist in Windows XP that will never be corrected.
I myself have an older system that was Windows XP and for what I was using it for it was sufficient to stay as Windows XP. I finally decided last year to wipe that system and install Windows 10. I was able to purchase an OEM version of Windows 10, so it wasn't full price- but it wasn't free either. I was pleasantly surprised at how easy the installation was, and remarkably, that the system does definitely run a bit faster and certainly more stable and secure.
Finally, again yes I know that sometimes that kind of upgrade isn't possible. For example there are plenty of medical instrument setups that have computers as the user interface- and they often are still running Windows XP. One cannot simply touch those.
PS: The current version of B&S is 3.46.7395.1225
Last edited 10/16/19
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For those looking for an XP-compatible replacement for B&S, I've had good luck so far with the file sync capability included with iDrive.  I've been using iDrive backup for a couple of years, and have been very pleased with it, especially since it runs on everything from XP to W10.
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Thanks Peter!
Does iDrive legally accept responsibility for any issues involving data loss when a user's data passes through the iDrive software to get to Google's servers?
What kind of privacy and security processes does iDrive implement to ensure that no user data is exposed to iDrive itself?
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To my knowledge, iDrive encrypts all content before it leaves the PC.  Beyond that I would refer you to the iDrive web site.
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Ok. That means that iDrive has first read and stored the data before it encrypts it. That's a potential security issue.
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For well more than a year the system requirements page has listed Windows 7 and up as the requirement:
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