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Martin Friedl

_MEI folder created at windows start

I just found out that on windows the google drive tool creates a '_MEIxxxxx' folder on every startup of windows. The xxxxx is a number that differs at every startup. On my PC (with windows 7) this folder is created on 'C:\' and has a size of about 35MB. SO with every start of windows google drive occopies 35 additional MB. It looks as the content of the folder is mainly Pyhton-files.
Is there a way to prevent google drive from creating an additional folder with every start of windows?
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Ljiljan Veselinovic
Ljiljan Veselinovic
I have the same problem. Since I started using Google Drive (summer last year), almost 20 GB of data was there... (folder local settings/ temp).
I pretty sure it is Google Drive because all folder could be deleted except one current folder that Google Drive was using. When I closed Google Drive, I could delete the folder. So, Google Drive - it's you for sure.
Chris Droge
Chris Droge
I'm also having the same problems. I ended up creating a batch file to delete everything in that folder and used Task Scheduler to run it daily. I really wish Google would have better support/documentation for their products.
Do you have Avast Antivirus on your system?  If you do try disabling "avast! Antivirus" from Windows Services and see if issue is resolved.
Yep mee too. Filled up my SSD with this junk
Martin Sykes
Martin Sykes
Same here was wondering why my ssd was getting full... 40gb of google drive temp files!
Same Martin, I had over 30Gb of these temp files. Definitely needs some attention!
Horia Neagu
Horia Neagu
It seems that Google Drive forgets to clean up after itself, it left over 15GB of data in my temp folder.
If you exit Google Drive by right-clicking the Google Drive icon in your Windows 7 notification area, and selecting Exit, then Google Drive shuts down properly and correctly deletes the _MEIxxx folder. Unfortunately, it leaves the folder behind if you leave Google Drive running when you log out or shut down. So, yes, it is a bug in Google Drive. It ought to terminate properly when the user logs out.
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