Unable to access a file someone shared with you

If you're unable to access a file that you could open before, or if you can't access a file or folder that was shared with you, there are a couple of possibilities.

  • The file owner hasn't granted you access to the file.
  • You were removed from the list of people with access.
  • The owner of the file deleted it.

If you have the link to the file or an email where the file was shared, you can request access to it. Visit the URL, then click the Request access button on the page that says you don't have access.

If you think you shouldn't be seeing this message, here are some things you can try:

  • Make sure you are signed in to the correct Google Account — one of your accounts might have access, and another might not.
  • Contact the person who shared the file with you to confirm that you have access and that you're visiting the correct URL.
  • If you can only view a file, but not edit it, it may be because the file owner has only given you viewing access and not editing or commenting permission. Try contacting the file owner for editing or commenting permission.