Print a Google spreadsheet

To print your spreadsheets, you have three options:

Choose the File menu and select Print. Select formatting options from the 'Print settings' window and click the Print button. A PDF of your spreadsheet will download, which you can then print.

  • Print your spreadsheet as a PDF

  • Export your spreadsheet to an .html file

    Choose the File menu and mouse over the Download as option. Select .html. This opens your spreadsheet in a new browser window. Then, print from your browser's File menu by selecting the Print menu option.

  • Print your spreadsheet from a mobile device

    Utilize Google Cloud Print to print a spreadsheet from your mobile device.

If your spreadsheet has sheets with full-page charts and gadgets, those sheets won't be printed. All other sheets in your spreadsheet, however, can be printed. To print sheets that contain full-page charts and gadgets, print those sheets from your browser's File menu.

Formatting your printed spreadsheet

When printing your spreadsheets, you have several options to format the printed version of your spreadsheet. Note: These options are only available if you print your spreadsheet as a PDF.

  • Print one sheet, all sheets, or a selection in a single spreadsheet. If you choose to print a selection, the printed selection is the range of cells you selected before opening the 'Print settings' dialog.
  • Adjust the size to Fit to width or Actual size.
  • Choose either a Landscape or Portrait layout.
  • Select your paper size from the drop-down list.
  • Check the boxes in the Options section to repeat row headers, print without gridlines, include the document title, include sheet names, or include page numbers on your printed copy.

Removing the URL from your printed spreadsheet

To remove the URL from your printed documents, follow these browser-specific instructions. URLs are removed by default in Chrome.

Firefox for PC
  1. Select File then Page Setup.
  2. Select the Margins & Header/Footer tab.
  3. Set the headers and footers at the bottom of the window to Blank.
  4. Click OK.
Firefox for Mac
  1. Select File then Print.
  2. In the window that appears, select the drop-down menu labeled Copies & Pages and choose Firefox.
  3. At the bottom of this new window, make sure the options for Page headers and Page Footers (Left, Center, and Right) are set to Blank.
  4. Click OK.
Internet Explorer
  1. Select File then Page Setup.
  2. Delete the info that you see in the Header and Footer fields.
  3. Click OK.