Accessibility in Google Drive for Android

This information only applies to the latest version of the Drive app for Android. To download the Drive app, or upgrade to the latest version, go to Google Play.

The Google Drive app works with Android's accessibility features, such as the TalkBack screen reader for Android. You can use TalkBack with the Drive app to view, share, and organize your files.

To learn how to turn on TalkBack on your Android device, refer to TalkBack setup help in the Android accessibility help center.

Once TalkBack is enabled, you can explore by touch to hear what's on your screen, such as action buttons, messages, and the folders and files in your Drive. Double-tap to select, or swipe to tab through items on the screen.

Google Drive works with the Google Docs editors to let you read and edit files. To open a file in your Drive, touch the item to give it focus, then double-tap to open it. For example, if you open a document from Drive, you can use Google Docs to read and edit.

To select an item and take action on it, touch the item to give it focus, then double-tap and hold to select. You can select multiple items this way.

Once you've selected one or more items, select the "More actions" button in the toolbar to move, star, or remove the selected items as a batch.

The "More actions" menu also lets you filter or sort the items in your Drive.

If you use a USB or Bluetooth keyboard with your Android device, you can use the following shortcuts:

  • Enter: Open a file or to click a button.
  • Arrows: Scroll through the items in your Drive.
  • Escape: Go back, close drop-down menus, navigate back through the Drive app.
  • Tab: Move through the Drive app.

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