Share and collaborate in Drive on your iPhone and iPad

This article describes the latest version of the Drive app for iOS. To get the latest version, download an update from the App Store.

You can share any file or Google Doc with others right from the Google Drive app on your iPhone or iPad. You can also collaborate on a Google document in real time.

Share an item

Here's how to share an item from your iPhone or iPad:

  1. In your Drive, touch the gray i button next to an item's name to open its details pane.
  2. Touch Share.
  3. Add a new collaborator by typing his or her email address and then selecting what permissions the new collaborator will have.
  4. Touch the blue checkmark when finished. To cancel, touch the grey X.

Real-time collaboration

The Drive app’s Google document editor lets you work with other people on the same document in real time, even if some contributors are on their computers and others are on their phones. If your collaborators are editing a document, you’ll see a note that they’re working on the document, as well as an indicator for their cursor.

Your document will automatically refresh as your collaborator makes changes, but you can also press the Refresh button in the menu bar. Bandwidth usage is different over 3G and WiFi, so changes made by your collaborators will be delayed by a few seconds on 3G in order to conserve usage.

Editing documents in the Drive app requires ongoing syncs to update your documents, which can increase your bandwidth usage. Keep this in mind if you have a limited data plan with your mobile provider.

Work with comments in Google documents

With the Drive app for iOS, you can add comments, just as you can with Docs on the web. To add a comment, double-tap a word to highlight it. (If you'd like, you can drag the sliders on either side of the word to expand your selection.) Then tap the Comment button. From there, you can type your comment. Press Save when you're done.

After saving a comment, you can view it by tapping it and selecting Comment. When viewing a comment, you can choose either to resolve it or reply to it.

To view all the comments in a document, tap the Comment icon in the top toolbar. From there, you can tap a comment to view it.

The Drive app doesn’t currently support viewing and editing comments in Google spreadsheets or Google presentations.

Copy a link

If you want to copy a link of a document to share with others or have for your own use:

  1. Touch the grey i button next to the name of a document
  2. Touch the Get link icon. A message will appear that says "Copied to clipboard."
  3. Paste the link wherever you would like to store it or paste it into an email if you want to share with others.

Sharing a link with others does not change the item's collaboration settings. As a result, anyone who doesn't have permission to view or edit the item will need to request access before they can open the document or file from the link you send.