Report abuse in Google Drive

As a Google Drive user, you have the ability to report behavior that you consider to be a violation of Google's Terms of Service or program policies. Although we rely on our users to report violations, not all reports will result in action.

Report abuse

The fastest and most secure way to report abuse on a file or Google document:

  1. Open the file.
  2. Click on the Help menu.
  3. Select Report Abuse.
  4. Choose the type of abuse found in the file. Please read the description of the abuse type to determine if the file has violated our policies.
  5. Click Submit Abuse Report.

If you have found abusive content on a Google Drive WebHost page (, there are separate flows for reporting spam, malware, phishing or copyright.

Allow approximately 24 hours from the time you submit the report to receive a response. Your report of abuse doesn't guarantee removal of the item or any other action on Google's part. Material which you disagree with or deem inappropriate is not always a violation of Google's Terms of Service.

Actions we may take on abusive material

  • Removing the material from your account.
  • Restricting access to this content by limiting who can view it. Restrictions include a warning page prior to viewing the material, hiding it from people who are using Safe Browse and SafeSearch.
  • Disabling the person's access to one or more Google products.
  • Deleting the person's Google Account.
  • Reporting illegal materials to appropriate law enforcement authorities.

Automated abuse reporting

We also use automated scanning to prevent abuse in Google Drive. If an item you own is showing a Terms of Service violation error message, you can appeal the violation.

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