Images in Google Drive

Store, view and share images in Google Drive.

Google Drive gives you control over all of your file types in a single place, including images. With Google Drive, you can:

  • Sync or upload file types in the following formats: .jpeg, .png, .gif, .tiff, .bmp
  • View all of your images at a glance
  • Store up to 15 GB of images or other file types for free
  • Share images with other people without ever having to use an email attachment

View images in Google Drive

From your Drive, click on the title of an image to open it in the Google Drive Viewer. Then, from the Google Drive Viewer, click the 100% button to view your image in its full resolution. To fit the image to your browser window, click the Fit to page button in the toolbar.

To view all of the photos you have in Drive, try using Drive's grid view.

Add comments to images

To add a general comment to an image in your Drive, open it with the Google Drive Viewer and click the Comments button in the top-right corner of your browser window.

To add a comment about a specific part of an image, open the image with the Google Drive Viewer and click the Insert comment button from the toolbar. Click-and-drag your mouse over a part of the image to draw a rectangle, then type your comment in the box to the image's right. Learn more about comments.

Search for images

To narrow your search results to images, click the drop-down arrow on the right side of the Drive search box, then select Images. You can then type a search operator and keyword in the search box at the top to search within your images only. For example, to find an image that Frank uploaded and shared with you, type "owner:Frank."

Using Google Goggles and Optical Character Recognition technology, you can also search for images by describing or naming what's in them. For example, searching for "Mount Everest" will show all your photos of Mount Everest and any documents that contain text about Mount Everest. If you narrow your search to "Mount Everest Nepal," you'll only see images taken from the Nepal side of Mount Everest.

Read more on searching for your files.