Grid view mode

View all of your files, folders and Google Docs as thumbnails instead of viewing them as a list.

Grid view in Google Drive on the web shows thumbnail previews of your files, folders and Google Docs. These small images can help you see all of your content without having to open each individual item.

To enter grid view, click the grid icon in the top right of Google Drive on the web. Switch back to list view at any time by clicking the list icon.

google drive grid icon

In grid view, you can do all of the same things as you can in list view:

Open a file by clicking its thumbnail once

  • Select and star any item

    google drive grid selected

  • Share something with another person
  • Organize files and Google Docs into folders
  • Sort your files in a particular order
Combine grid view with a search query in Google Drive on the web to do a "visual search" of your Google Drive. Google Drive's Optical Character Recognition technology combined with Google Goggles lets you see thumbnails of everything in your Google Drive that matches the search query.

In case you are seeing both, the grid view icon is different from the Google bar icon that is also in the top-right corner of your screen. An icon that isn't specific to Drive, the Google bar offers easy access to other Google products with one click.