Upgrading your old charts

Now that we have a new version of charts, you may be wondering what will happen to your old charts. You'll be able to edit your old charts for a short time, but you'll be able to create charts using the new version only. In the long term, you can keep your old charts as view-only or you can upgrade your charts to be able to edit them. When you upgrade, your data and chart type will remain the same, but the look and feel of your chart will be improved.

Curious about how to upgrade? Here's how:

Click your chart to show its frame, and follow these steps:

  1. Click the chart menu in the upper left of its frame.
  2. Select Upgrade chart.
  3. Your chart will be upgraded to the new version, and you'll be able to continue editing and customizing your chart.

Want to go back to your old chart? Simply select 'Undo' from the Edit menu after upgrading the chart. Alternatively, you can use the shortcuts Ctrl+Z on a PC or Cmd+Z on a Mac to go back to your old chart.