Keyboard shortcuts for Google spreadsheets

Keyboard accelerators

Keyboard accelerators let you open menus using special keyboard shortcuts.

The table lists shortcuts for people using Chrome on Windows/Linux. If you’re working in Internet Explorer or Firefox, replace Alt with Alt+Shift. If you’re working on a Mac, replace Alt with Ctrl+Option.

For example, to open the File menu:

  • Chrome on Windows/Linux: Alt+F
  • Internet Explorer or Firefox on Windows/Linux: Alt+Shift+F
  • On a Mac: Ctrl+Option+F
Menu name Keyboard accelerator
File Alt + F
Edit Alt + E
View Alt + V
Insert Alt + I
Format Alt + O
Data Alt + D
Forms Alt + M
Tools Alt + T
Table Alt + B
Help Alt + H


A mnemonic lets you choose a menu item with the stroke of a single key, and it’s indicated by an underlined letter in a particular menu. After you open a menu using a keyboard accelerator, use a mnemonic to select an item in the menu.

To navigate and choose a menu item using the keyboard:

  1. Open a menu using a keyboard accelerator (listed in the table above). For example, press Alt+I to open the Insert menu.
  2. Press the letter on the keyboard associated with a menu item. The letter you should press is underlined in the menu item. For example, press S to insert a new sheet into your spreadsheet.

Keyboard shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts let you take a particular action in your spreadsheet by pressing a series of keys on your keyboard. If you use a Mac, you can use the shortcuts below by replacing Ctrl with Command key (or 'Apple' key).

Editing action Shortcut
Undo Ctrl + Z
Insert time Ctrl + Shift + :
Insert date Ctrl + :
Fill range Ctrl + Enter
Fill down Ctrl + D
Fill right Ctrl + R
Insert/edit comment Shift + F2
Redo (and Redo last action in the new Google Sheets) Ctrl + Y
Edit a cell F2 or Enter
(Fn + F2 on a Mac)


Movement action Shortcut
Move to start of row Home
(Fn + Left arrow on a Mac)
Move to beginning of sheet Ctrl + Home
(Cmd + Fn + Left arrow on a Mac)
Move to end of row End
(Fn + Right arrow on a Mac)
Move to end of sheet Ctrl + End
Move to next sheet Ctrl + Shift + PageDown
(Cmd + Shift + Fn + Down arrow on a Mac)
Move to previous sheet Ctrl + Shift + PageUp
Scroll to active cell Ctrl + Backspace
Find & replace Ctrl + F
Move focus to popup
(for links, bookmarks, and images)
Holding Ctrl + Alt, press E then P
(On a Mac: holding Ctrl + ⌘, press E then P)


Menus Shortcut
Show context menu Ctrl + Shift + \
Show sheet list Alt + Shift + K
Display sheet menu Alt + Shift + S


Formatting action Shortcut
Bold Ctrl + B
Underline Ctrl + U
Italic Ctrl + I
Strikethrough Alt + Shift + 5
Apply outer border Alt + Shift + 7
Remove borders Alt + Shift + 6
Apply top border Alt + Shift + 1
Apply bottom border Alt + Shift + 3
Apply left border Alt + Shift + 4
Apply right border Alt + Shift + 2
Format as currency Ctrl + Shift + 4
Format as percentage Ctrl + Shift + 5
Format as exponent Ctrl + Shift + 6
Format as date Ctrl + Shift + 3
Format as time Ctrl + Shift + 2
Format as decimal Ctrl + Shift + 1


Selection action Shortcut
Select column Ctrl + Space (Mac and PC)
Select row Shift + Space
Select all Ctrl + Shift + Space
Select active region Ctrl + Shift + 8


Insertion action Shortcut
Insert array formula Ctrl + Shift + Enter
Add new sheet Shift + F11
Create or edit link Ctrl + K


File commands Shortcut
Save Ctrl + S
Open Ctrl + O
Make a copy Ctrl + Shift + S
Print Ctrl + P


View Shortcut
Show all formulas Ctrl + ` (Mac and PC)
Compact controls Ctrl + Shift + F (Mac and PC)


Navigation Shortcut
Chat Shift + Esc
Close drawing editor Ctrl + Esc
Open hyperlink Alt + Enter


Help Shortcut
Open documentation (new window) Shift + F1
Show shortcuts help pop-up Ctrl + /
Enable ARIA/JAWS screenreader Alt + Shift + ~